What is VMware Workstation Player?

VMware’s workstation player product enables the users to run a second operating system in a single PC. This application is freely available for personal use and if you want to use a VMware workstation player at home then it is free to use. There are some guidelines for using a workstation player and for using this you need to go End-user License agreement. You can download VMware workstation easily on VMware’s products. You can install a workstation player like a standard application and after installing it you can run OS as VM in separate windows. A workstation has the features of creating Virtual Machine and 32 bit, 64-bit window & Linux Operating System.

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VMware Workstation Player features

You can choose a player or pro version of VMware workstation but some general benefits are common and some are not in player version.

General Workstation Player Workstation Pro
Create new VMs Yes Yes
Share Virtual Machine   Yes
Virtual Trusted Platform Module (vTPM) Yes Yes
Run Encrypted VM   Yes
4K Display Support Yes Yes
Snapshots   Yes
UEFI Boot Support Yes Yes

Your operating system is run without affecting another system, your operating system as a VM is safe and secure. This is what users want to run other operating systems on a single PC & also it does not affect your desktop. Workstation player presents some privacy settings, tools, and configurations that keep your data safe when your browsing is online.

You can also Watch ODI World Cup Outside India on your VM operating system, but you will not the any matches of this World Cup. 

What is the difference between the free and paid version of the VMware workstation?

Workstation Player is a free download application tool for running your second operating system in a single PC. But when you licensed it you will get some additional benefits in the workstation player free application tool. When you use this application you can only use for personal and noncommercial purpose. If you get a licensed workstation player you can use this application for commercial use also. Employees, and organizations can also be used for business and commercial purposes. VMware workstation pro has quite advanced features than the free version of the workstation player. Users can run multiple virtual machines at once but not in the Pro version. Also, if you buy the Pro version by grabbing the VMware Workstation Pro discount, you can save lots of bucks on it.

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What are the advanced features of Workstation Pro?

  1. Run Multiple Operating System in a single personal computer
  2. Connect to VMware vSphere
  3. Secure and isolated environment
  4. High-performance 3D graphics
  5. Powerful Virtual Networking
  6. Snapshots feature
  7. Remote vSphere Host Power Control
  8. Create and manage encrypted virtual machines

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