What is VMware Desktop & App Virtualization?

An introduction of VMware

VMware means virtual machine software and it was founded in the year 1998 in Palo Alto, California. Vmware is a subordinate company of Dell Technology, EMC corporation attained VMware in 2004. Later on, it was acquired by Dell technology in the year 2016. Vmware provides different software and applications, this Vmware company first launched its product Vmware workstation in 1999.


What is the Solution provided by VMware?

  • Networking and Security solutions provided to power your business.
  • Empowering the digital workspace.
  • Manage & connect all your apps on any cloud.
  • The software-defined data center that secures apps on data center, cloud or devices.
  • Software-defined WAN(wide area network).
  • Virtualization
  • Technology Solution & Industry Solution.

VMware software

Desktop & App Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization is a VMware software technology that secures and manages Desktops & Apps, from anywhere, anytime on any device. It improves consistency across system settings and provides flexibility, scale, the speed at a lower cost.

Products of Desktop & App Virtualization

  1. Horizon 7
  2. Horizon Cloud on IBM Cloud
  3. Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure
  4. Horizon Apps

What is VMware Horizon 7?

Horizon 7 simplifies the delivery and management of desktops and apps in multiple clouds. Horizon 7 helps IT business in management, security, and safety as per their demand and requirement. All VMware products have 24*7 technical support. Horizon 7 software has a feature that you can extend the power of desktop and apps. A user never faces the problem of networking or security on any location and network.

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure provides security and management resources for the desktop and applications in a single system. You can connect your Microsoft azure to any OS and get a complete cloud hosting solutions & security.


Horizon Cloud on Microsoft azure giving the flexibility to manage the power system from Microsoft azure. Multi-tenant architecture has been built for the cloud and this is always maintained in the latest version.

It delivers

  • A clear path to the future
  • Digital workspace experience
  • Multi-cloud architecture
  • Cost & complexity are redefined
What is Vmware Horizon Apps?

Horizon apps give a secure integrated workspace to the users on published apps, Saas apps, and mobile apps. Horizon apps support a rich, and adaptive user experience, secure data and simplify compliances.

Features of VMware Horizon Apps

  1. Just-in-time delivery
  2. All apps in a single digital workspace
  3. Extreme performance and deliver software-defined-data-center

Horizon Cloud on IBM Cloud

Vmware horizon cloud helps in delivering desktop and applications from the cloud to any other device or any location. From single cloud control based control.

VMware workstation

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