What is VMware and what is it use for?

VM means Virtual Machine and it is a software for the virtual system for multiple works in a single machine. This means that you can work with multiple operating systems but on a single system or machine. It works on both Windows or Linux personal computers & the process of VMware software is managed by a program. The program name is hypervisor this is also a software that boosts help in creating and running Virtual Machine. In this article, you will also know what is VMware used for? This VMware software was founded in the year 1998 in Palo Alto, Calif. VMware is ancillary of Dell technology and EMC corporation initially acquired this in 2004 and after the EMC it was acquired by Dell technology.

Advantages of VMware

  • It reduces the operating cost because you can run multiple operating systems on one personal computer.
  • Easily reuse of old hardware.
  • Faster workload management
  • Increased application performance & higher server availability.
  • It eliminates server sprawl and complexity.
  • To create a personal cloud computer is doable.
  • You can run a Linux window very easily.
  • If your data is affected even then you can use it by using VMware software.

Products of VMware software

Software-defined data center platform(SDDC)

Establish your software-related digital foundation by software-defined data center platform. There is two software include in the SDDC platform. VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cloud on Dell and EMC.

VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware cloud foundation provides a complete infrastructure of cloud-like storage, compute, networking & security. This helps in the run and management of hybrid cloud and other cloud management services to run applications in both private & public environment.

Benefits of VMware Cloud Foundation

  1. This provides end-to-end security
  2. Self-driving operations
  3. Integrated stack & automated lifecycle management
  4. Flexible deployment option & production-ready Kubernetes
  5. High-performance scalable hyper-converged storage

products of VMware

VMware Cloud On Dell & EMC

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC provides security on a public cloud with simplicity & agility. This is fully managed software for security, scalability, and simplicity. VMware Dell EMC provides an infrastructure to customer’s on-premises data center and edge location.

Benefits of VMware Cloud Dell EMC

  • It reduces the operational complexity
  • Consistent operation & infrastructure
  • Built-in enterprise security
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Provide elastic capacity
Datacenter and cloud infrastructure

It provides cloud infrastructure for your virtual data center. This product provides networking, security, and storage on your virtual server. It simplifies IT resources and applications for consumption in a minute. Your private cloud is complete by automating management for better performance & capacity.

  • Products of VMware cloud infrastructure

vSAN is a storage virtualization software that when combined with vSphere which gives you a platform to compute & storage in a single server. vSAN reduces the cost and complexity of traditional storage and works on speeding operations & Lowering cost.

Key features of vSAN

  • Flash optimized
  • A single page of glass management
  • VM-centric policy-based management
  • Tightly integrated with vSphere
  • Granular, nondisruptive scale-up or scale-out
  • NSX

This protects and connects applications across your data center, multi-cloud, bare metal, & container infrastructure.

Benefits of VMware NSX

Make your security intrinsic

  • Harness agility through automation
  • Enjoy consistent multi-cloud operation
  • Save on both CapEx and OpEx

Solutions provided by VMware

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