Scouting Software

Scouting software is a phenomenal addition to the coaching software arsenal. Imagine if you will a time when teams would have unscrupulous individuals go watch the team that they are planning to play against the practice and then report whatever information they found back to their coaches. The world of football has not always been the most honest of worlds.

There are many rules that discourage scouting other teams for information now but there is still Scouting Software. Software that is aimed at scouting is designed to estimate the moves and plays of the other team when you enter information about the plays they have done in a previous game or in the game that you are in the midst of playing. The way that the software works is dizzying to even try and explain.

Scouting Software

The way that scouting software is designed allows to you enter plays on the fly so that you can estimate the next move that the other team will make with more accuracy. The software will ales allow you to make a better guess at the weaknesses that a particular team suffers from. There is no way to make a completely accurate call on what the other team will do, but an educated guess is loads better than no guess at all.

It took a long time for me to warm up to the idea of using computers as a way to enhance my team’s game. Now that I have realized that not only do computers make me more organized as a coach, they give me the chance to make better decisions, I absolutely have fallen in love with coaching software. I must sound like a kid with

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