Scorebook Software

Scorebook software allows you to keep track of your team and league scoring for your entire division. I have been coaching for over twenty years and I have never been without a pile of papers with enumerable scrawling all over them. It is a tough job to coach a team and the job is made a little bit tougher if you have an unorganized mess all over your office that is trying to pass for your team’s statistics.

When I was first introduced to Scorebook Software I was not interested in making it work out. I thought that using a computer to hold on to all my team statistics was “cheating” somehow and defiled the purity of a game that was always hands-on. I’m not going to say that I was completely wrong about the nature of football, but let’s just say that I came around when I realized the benefits of using statistical software.

Scorebook Software

The Beauty of Scorebook Software

The scorebook software that I currently use is a lot more than just a simple database program. The software that I use not only takes down all the stats that my team generates, it can also receive stats and generate reports on a play-by-play basis. When I can get information that is as up to date as the last play I can call plays based on the most accurate information possible.

I could just kick myself for waiting for such a long time before I started using statistics software. I really can’t believe that we ever pursued this game without it. I am old enough that I have had to evolve with the game of football and learn that there are new ways to play a great game. In the future, I think that statistical software will be as standard as a mouthpiece.

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