Is VMware Workstation Pro is Free?

VMware Workstation is software that enabling the users to run and operate multiple operating systems in a single system. Workstation Pro is a version that helps you run and manage many operating machines as single VMs in a single server. This application keeps you more productive and efficient to do the work. Workstation player is only free but you have to upgrade or buy online workstation pro. Along with this a VMware Workstation 15 Pro License Key free if you upgrade this version. You need to be Licenced for installing the Workstation Pro and also fusion pro for Mac. This can be securely and safely connect with the vSphere. ESXi & other servers. Pro version of workstation supports hundreds of operating systems & work. A new version that is workstation 15.5 pro both for Linux or Windows operating systems.

A version of VMware workstation

How does Workstation Pro work?

This VMware application is for running, controlling and managing the multiple operating systems in one PC. Any application you can run on one personal computer. This supports any operating systems window 10, 8, 7, window server 2008, 2012, 2016 & other. This VMware workstation pro works in x86 hardware & 64-bit intel, AMD processor.

What are the requirements for installing the VMware Workstation Pro?

The workstation 15 pro does not host on 35 bit of PC, it requires 64 bit to host personal computer. This can be installed on Linux or window system. You need to keep in mind that if you want to install the version of the workstation then you have uninstalled the previous version. VMware recommends you require 1.3Ghz or faster core speed, 2 GB minimum RAM & 4 GB recommended RAM. For installation of workstation, pro requires 1.2 GB of disk space for the application. Additional hard-disk is required for each virtual machine. It does not support the intel atom processor based on 2011, based on the 2012, AMD processor Liano & Bobcat.

Features of Workstation Pro

Benefits of Workstation Pro

  1. Run multiple operating systems in a single PC
  2. Connect to VMware vSphere
  3. Develop and test for any platform
  4. Secure and isolate the environment
  5. Create a data center in your laptop
How is it different from the workstation player?

You can create and manage encrypted virtual machines on the workstation pro but not in the workstation player. Virtual network customization and run of VMs at once can only be done on the pro version. Connect to vSphere, ESXi server and sharing of virtual machine this feature is not provided in the free workstation player. if you will install workstation player in your system then you get some same features as workstation pro. Workstation Pro is a new version that provides you some more advanced features than a workstation player free version.

What are some advanced features included in the workstation Pro but not in the player?
Features Workstation Player Workstation Pro
Drag-able Tabbed interface


One-click SSH to Linux VM


Create/Manage encrypted VM


Virtual-Network rename




Run multiple VMs at once


Remote vSphere Host Power control


Share Virtual Machines


Virtual Network Customization


Pricing and Licencing of VMware Workstation Pro

The price of per Licence is $249.99 for VMware Workstation 15 Pro for Linux and window. Minimum 10 Licence for VMware Workstation basic support/subscription, I year price is $52.00 and 3 years price is $137.28


Install this workstation pro if you want to run and manage multiple operating systems only in one. The main advantage of using this application can work without rebooting the system as a virtual machine. A workstation has been developed for your desktop virtualization, use free workstation player if you are a student or non-commercial purpose.

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