VMware Workstation is famous software that facilitates creating and operating virtual machines. The VM’s right on x86 based laptops or desktop computers. So here we have come up with the steps for how to install Windows XP on VMware. VMware is presently up to version 12 and it is very common to find it. This can be installed on the laptops of Information Technology Pros, Software developers, web developers, and technology enthusiasts. This workstation is the best and most original.

OVERVIEW To VMWare For Windows

Presently Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP due to some security issues. Now we do not suggest installing Windows XP on our physical computer, so the best option to solve our work is to install Windows XP on Virtual Machine. However, there are various advantages and disadvantages of VMware but still, you can download Windows XP on it. Some best platforms for Windows users to install Windows XP on VMware Workstation, Virtual Box, and Hyper V platform for Windows users. We have prepared this complete step-by-step guide to help, facing no problems during installation.


It is operating system software that allows using different types of applications or software. For example, it will allow using a word processing application to write a letter. Besides this, there is a spreadsheet application to track financial information and other things.

Windows XP is a graphical user interface GUI. It has pictures that we use as a user to communicate as an interface with the computer. This type of system is famous because it is logical, fun, and easy to use. This operating system has multi-tasking capabilities, earning it can run several applications at the same time.

How To Download Windows XP On VMware?

We have prepared this complete step-by-step guide to help, facing no problems during the installation of Windows XP on VMware.

Steps to install Windows Xp on VMware

Step 1: Download & Install VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation is virtualization software for windows users and has free to use VMware workstation player. If you want the paid version, then VMware workstation pro is more advanced than VMware Workstation Player as compared to learning and training purposes. If you are also looking for How to download VMware workstation then check out this. So it is best to install Windows XP on VMware Workstation Pro.

Step 2: Download Windows XP ISO File

If you have already downloaded the ISO image then skip this step. Or you can click on the “Download Windows XP ISO file” to download it from other sites on the internet.

Step 3: Create Virtual Machine

Now it is time to create a new virtual machine that works as a real computer.  There is no need to buy multiple computers if you work with more than one operating system at the same time. The virtualization software will help us to manage all operating systems from a single desk. Steps involved –

  • Open the VMware Workstation
  • Select Windows XP ISO File
  • Windows Product Key
  • Virtual Machine Name and Location
  • Specify Disk Capacity
  • Ready to Create Virtual Machine

Step 4: Install Windows XP on VMware

We are in the final step to install Windows XP on a VMware virtual machine. If we know the installation process of Windows XP we can skip this step. Genuinely this step is for the new starters or those who are not technical and do not know how to do all the tasks during the installation process.

Can I Install Windows XP Professional On VMware?

Yes, you can download Windows XP on VMware with these simple steps. Firstly go to the File > Import Windows XP Mode VM menu. VMware will launch the wizard that will automatically create the Windows XP VMware virtual machine using the Windows XP Mode files we installed in the previous step. Using VMware Workstation or player, power on the Windows XP Mode virtual machine that VMware created.

Some uses of VMware Workstation

Here are some of the best uses of VMware Workstation so that it is beneficial to install Windows XP on VMware Workstation 16.

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Learn Server Management and Web Development

We have already covered so much about web development, it makes sense that one of the first great use cases for VMware Workstation is for learning. For that all we need to know about back-end web development. Linux has made huge strides over the years and it powers the majority of web-based applications and websites. Need to get up to speed with the LAMP attack. So just simply visit the VMware Solution Exchange and find a suitable appliance to meet our needs.

Second use is testing multiple operating systems and applications

No doubt VMware workstation is a great tool that allows us to run other operating systems than what is currently running on our laptop. Maybe we would like to test out the new Windows 10 features, but we are not ready to install them on our own computer. However, we need to test out some new features. All this can be accomplished easily with VMware Workstation.

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Third use as the IT Administrator Best Friend

This workstation just might be an IT administrator’s best friend. Nothing quite sends shivers up the spine of administrators than having to roll out an entirely new application, mass configuration changes, or tricky proof of concept scenarios. Whereas, many times in the corporate environments, there are applications that run old legacy systems that we may be afraid to touch for fear of it breaking.

Product demos

By using this workstation system engineers can now hop on a plane with their laptop and VMware Workstation with entire virtual networks and perform application demonstrations at potential client sites.

Software Development

Suppose you are a software developer and you know the importance of having the correct environment to both build and test our application on. You cannot build a web application on Microsoft IIS for example and then when we push it to the production LAMP stack and have it fail.

Final Verdict: How To Install Windows XP on VMware?

It was a complete guide to installing Windows XP as a virtual machine on VMware workstation pro/player. This is a step-by-step guide for anyone who is willing to install Windows XP as a virtual machine using VMware. We do not commonly prefer using this operating system because it is vulnerable to security threats but we think we must have a solid reason to do so.