Best Editing Software – Cyberlink Vs Corel

Providing the best efficiency and professionalism in the work, the editor must be confident in the app on which they work. That’s why they are looking for reliable and high-quality video and photo editing software will support their every project very well. Whenever we talk about video editing software, CyberLink and Corel are always considered as a topic to be confused. Which one of them is better and why is the only question which arises in the mind of many editors. Forgiving you the best response for this query we are here with some facts and features of both the tools, which make it easier to select one of them.

Latest impressive Features & their Drawback of Cyberlink & Corel

With the time, level of editing for videos and photos significantly rises. And in the market, you found many video editing tools that look to be perfect for high editing needs. But CyberLink and Corel are considered always the first place when it comes to editing software. Because both are enough good to be high rank in the list of video editing tools. They offer quality features and editing tricks which is enough to impress an editor. We talk here about every factor of both the tools which make it easier to compare both of them so that you can easily select your editing tool.

Cyberlink Vs Corel

  1. Price to be pay: – the first things which everyone considers in buying anything in their life in the price of the product. While Corel is available in many different versions of different prices. But for getting an Idea we take an average rate for the Corel and CyberLink software. The ultimate X10 version of Corel can be obtained at $ 99 & its upgrade is $ 79. On the other hand, CyberLink ultra version cost you around $99 and the ultimate version cost you around $129, which is a little bit costly than a reasonable price for editing software. So if we compare CyberLink and Corel based on price. Then both have around equal charges but CyberLink offers you more features with a slightly higher price.
  2. System requirements: – for running both the software you need some basic system requirements which are different for both editing software. For using CyberLink PowerDirector, you need a minimum requirement of 64 bit OS with above Windows 8 version. Even you need Intel I series with 6 GB Ram recommendation with 7 GB free hard disk space. And if you want to make the 360-degree video, then you also need DirectX 11 Graphics Processor. On the other hand, if you want to run Corel on your PC you need the minimum requirement of Windows version above 7. With 64 bit OS and Intel I7 processor and if you want to run the latest Corel software you need 8GB RAM. So on this basis, we will conclude that CyberLink PowerDirector can be a better option when it comes to using in PC with low requirements.
  3. Interface: – especially for beginners and new editors who just started in this field this option matters. Because the more simple and easy to understand the software you select the more you do the best. Forgiving you the best editing software based on interface and features read this column carefully. If you don’t want to be confused about the critical options and features available in your editing tool, you need to select the tool which you can easily understand. Corel video studio comes with a great function which is to navigate their features from one to another. But doing some simple tasks like image movement and stabilization is a little bit critical in Corel video studio, which is considered as the worst drawback of Corel. On the other hand, CyberLink comes with a simple interface and great editing tools which make the User experience more impressive and simple.

Features Of Cyberlink Vs Corel

Conclusion – which one is better?

On considering the above factors regarding both the software. We can consider CyberLink photodetector as the best editing tool for beginner and experienced editors. Because it gives every benefit and fulfill needs, which editors may have either they are a beginner or experienced.

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