How much does Clip Studio Paint Subscription Cost?

Clip Studio Paint is a digital art painting, comics, illustration, animation, 2D models, etc. The service of the software is reasonable for the buyers with a great saving Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code. The company provides monthly, annually, or one time. You can subscribe to Clip Studio Paint Pro and Ex version at a budget cost. Here you will get to know about all the plans and prices of it. Let’s Find out the Clip Studio Paint Subscription Cost before adding this software.

Clip Studio Paint Subscription Prices

The subscription to Clip Studio Paint is affordable for all users.  The company deals with all the required plans. Let’s know about each one to choose the relevant one.

The Clip Studio Paint provides two versions, one for the newbies that are CSP Pro and Another one is for professional users i.e, Ex. You can pay for the right one with the great saving Clip Studio Paint Promo Code.

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Does Clip Studio Paint Offer a monthly Plan?

Clip Studio Paint Monthly Plan

Yes, If you want editing software for a month, then you have a great deal of CSP Monthly Subscription. The monthly subscription prices of Clip Studio Paint Pro and Ex versions are different. The prices are as follows:-

PlansClip Studio Paint ProClip Studio Paint Ex
Single Device$4.49/mo$8.99/mo*
Dual Devices$7.49/mo*12.49/mo*
Premium Plans$8.99/mo*14.99/mo*
Smart Phone$0.99/mo*$2.49/mo*

Through the Table, you can easily compare the prices of both versions The services of Both software are budget-friendly. But, if you required a few features then spend only $5 and use the Clip Studio Paint Pro version.

The company doesn’t provide any kind of discount on the monthly package. And the prices differ according to the device requirement.

How much does Clip Studio Paint Annual Package Cost?

Clip Studio Paint Annual Plan

If you choose the Clip Studio Paint Annual plan then you have a great chance to save maximum bucks on it. On the Yearly Subscription, you can make a reserve of up to 50%. The Clip Studio Paint Annual Plan cost:-

PlansClip Studio Paint ProClip Studio Paint Ex
Single Device$24.99/yr*$71.99/Yr*
Dual Devices$43.99/yr*$99.99/Yr*
Premium Plans$53.99/mo*$117.99/Yr*

You can save a maximum of up to 50% on its but might be it is still a bit costly for the users. And you want to use this software for more than a year so have an amazing deal. Read the below-mentioned details to get familiar with the other opportunities.

Is Clip Studio Paint a One Time Buy Software?

Clip Studio Paint offers one-time purchases to its users. If you love the services, features, and quality of the CSP software then you can grab this offer. With this software, you can add this software for lifetime use at a very friendly cost with a huge price cut.

The Clip Studio Paint One Time Subscription cost:-

Clip Studio Paint One Time Purchase

Clip Studio Paint Pro- The one-time Pro version costs $49.99/ You have to have this software on your devices for under $50. This one is a reasonable deal for the students and new digital artists.

Clip Studio Paint Ex- Ex version is best for professional users. Because it is a bit costly according to the new users. The services cost $219 that is quite costly. But, the mentioned cost is the one-time payment option. So you can add this easily.

Does Clip Studio Paint provide a free trial?

Yes, Clip Studio Paint provides a free trial to customers. The Customer can use its services for 6 months free of cost.

What are the compatible devices for Clip Studio Paint?

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Galaxy
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Chromebook

What are the payment modes of Clip Studio Paint?

The company accepts multiple payment methods:- Visa, Paypal, MasterCard, Amex, UnionPay, JCB, etc.

How much can you save on Clip Studio Paint Software?

On the purchases of, Clip Studio Paint Annual Plan you will get a reserve of up to 50%. By Clip Studio Paint 50% Off Coupon Code you can own this software easily.

But on One Time purchase, you will get a reserve of up to 70% with the Clip Studio Paint 70% Off Discount Code.

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