A Guide of VMware Products

Software-Defined-Data-Center Platform

An SDDC is a place of data storage in which all basic elements like networking, storage, CPU and security. SDDC VMware provides virtualization of resources to both private and public clouds. A software-defined data center keeps your data secure and safe. Computing, storage, networking, security, and server availability are the work that the SDDC platform provides to the users.

VMware Products

What are the benefits of SDDC?

Business Agility– SDDC increases business productivity by focusing on balancing, flexibility and adaptability.

Reduced Cost– Operating cost of SSDC is lower and it is accessible to all kinds of businesses. Users do not need to pay a higher cost in VMware SDDC software Products.

Increased Scalability– SDDC gives the scalability for the expansion of your business if you want in the future.

Software-defined-data-enter has two products for the management and security of the infrastructure elements.

VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

VMware Cloud Foundation- SDDC

VMware cloud foundation provides integrated cloud infrastructure to run apps in private and public clouds. This provides users a complete path for networking, storage, networking, and security. Users get the security to all applications by micro-segmentation, VPN, virtual machine, hypervisors.

Features of VMware Cloud Foundation

  • End-to-End Security
  • Flexible deployment options
  • Production-ready Kubernetes
  • Enterprise-class infrastructure
  • Automated lifecycle management
  • Standardized Architecture
  • Integrated stack & high performance and scalable hyper-converged storage

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

VMware cloud on dell EMC provides security and resources and scalable infrastructure to the users on the data center and location. The structure of dell EMC is completely managed by VMware company you can extend your enterprise by using some VMware software technology tools. This eliminates the downtime maintenance on any system or location.

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC

Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure

This is a complete cloud infrastructure for virtual data center, IT resources like networking, security, storage for the creation of data centers. IT resources and app are available to the users in a minute also.

Products of VMware Cloud Infrastructure

  1. vSAN
  2. NSX
  3. Site recovery manager
  4. vCloud Suite
  5. vSphere
  6. VMware NSX advanced load balancer

What is VMware vSAN?

vSAN is a software and this works in a single platform to computing and storage if it is with VMware vSphere. It helps in reducing the complexity of storage and the cost is lower of vSAN software. And also this helps in improving the business agility with the fastest speeding operation.

VMware NSX data center

NSX data center protect and connect applications across all infrastructure and data center. It provides complete L2-L7 security and networking. NSX provides infrastructure across both private or public clouds. Here are some useful key cases of NSX:

  • Adapt zero-trust security
  • Extend networking across clouds
  • Speed delivery of networking and security
  • Powering your cloud-native apps

Site recovery manager

This is a disaster recovery solution and it delivers the solution for the automated downtime problem of server.

Benefits of site recovery manager-

  1. Reliable disaster recovery performance
  2. Disaster recovery as a service
  3. Simple and policy-based management
  4. Reduce the TCO by automation disaster recovery

benefits of site recovery manager

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